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5 ways to make your Breakfast healthy and delicious

“Have a breakfast, King Size!” We’ve all heard of this statement almost every time we skip breakfast. I know, I know. Been there, heard that! Every time I forget to eat my breakfast cereals, I am always slammed by this statement. Having a good breakfast is indeed a must, especially healthy breakfast cereals. Every type of breakfast cereals that one eats has one or the other ingredient that is a little here and there harmful to one’s health. But trust me, there’s nothing that can be entirely pure. But in order to stay healthy, having good breakfast cereals is a must. But why always have breakfast cereals? There are many ways to make your Breakfast healthy and delicious. Add veggies and fruits and leaves and flowers and everything that nature provides you to make it healthy, and add a few spices here and there, just what nature provides so as to make it delicious!

Do you want tips to make your boring Breakfast cereals delicious and healthy? Don’t you worry! We have a list of 5 ways to make them delicious! Let’s have a look!

  • Eat Dinner for Breakfast

You don’t have to stick to breakfast foods for your morning meal. Instead, think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to start your day with non-traditional breakfast foods.

Any leftovers can be used. They can be heated up and eaten as is, or they can be changed into something new. For example, that brown rice you almost threw away? It pairs perfectly with a sunny-side-up egg when heated.

  • Eat Wheat Muffins

Muffins are a popular breakfast item. When we can show you how to make them in a healthy way, why give up on them? The batter in this recipe is made with brown sugar, whole wheat flour, low-fat milk, and wheat bran cereal. Most importantly, it uses freshly prepared applesauce in place of fat.

  • Include Greens

It’s simple to sneak in greens wherever you can! Greens are always better, in my opinion! Scrambles, hashes, egg muffins, and casseroles make it simple to include leafy greens and all of the vegetables in a dish.

  • Eat Ragi Bread

This recipe will be a lifelong companion for all bread lovers. Ragi, jaggery, whole wheat flour, yogurt, and spinach are all healthy components. One of the most potent combinations of ragi and spinach is an abundance of nutrients like iron, vitamin A, and fiber.


  • Alternate in Savoury and Sweet!

Throughout the week, alternate savory and sweet options. It is possible to have healthier sweet options outside cereal boxes for those mornings when you don’t want anything savory. For example, you can enjoy yogurt, creamy overnight oats, or chia pudding throughout the week!

Well, this was our list of 5 tips and a few recipes that might help you inculcate this in your breakfast routine. It’s nothing but some simple ingredients to add, and you’re all set to slurp delicious food in the morning and eating breakfast king-size.

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