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A Tribute to Some of The Best Creations 2021

2021 has been a memorable year for many for one reason or another, sure as eggs are eggs, there will have been some new relationships formed that will last for years, babies will have been born and new families created. And then, there are the new products that 2021 saw come, and go off the shelves quicker than you can say boo to a goose;

Air Taxi

Although it’s only concept for the moment, General Motors (GM) unveiled its first rendering video of its first air taxi! The technology is available now, and it works, however, we’ve not fully adopted electric cars yet so don’t get too excited just yet, red tape will have to be jumped over, ducked under or adhered to, that aside, it won’t be too long before you actually see them, a few more years and they should really take off.

Craft Beer

It would simply take too long to list them all and, you’d only get bored so perhaps this one is best left for your own research. What is apparent at a quick glance of the Internet is that there have been some stunning flavours of craft beer in New Zealand alone! Let’s just hope that they don’t change that word ‘craft’ into ‘artisan’ and start charging what it’s worth.

Infinity Lipstick

If only they made a similar product for men, it would keep them busy for months, Yves Saint Laurent could have answered women’s dreams all over the world. 2021 saw the release of the Infinity Lipstick which allows the user to create their own lipstick colours using a device that combines a variety of colours together to create a shade that is almost completely unique!

Hot Wheels

If you are of an age whereby you had to make use of things like toys instead of a computer when you were a kid then you’ll remember Hot Wheels cars, the die cast replica cars. Well, the guys at Hot Wheels certainly haven’t fallen asleep, one of their latest creations is the Walmart Premium Diorama Set which includes a retro rig as well as 3 awesome looking American muscle cars, even if you’re not into muscle cars, it’s enough to make you stop and look for a while.


As if things couldn’t get any more, ‘off key’ this year, 2021 saw the release of a new flavour, for them anyway. Enter the Wavy Deep Fried Pickle flavour, and yes, it does sound a little odd, even more so if you see a picture online, but they’ve pulled out a corker here, a little like the ‘Marmite’ affect, you’re either buying them or, talking about them, job done.

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