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Trying the best BBQ items in Kansas City: Your easy guide!

If you are looking for the perfect brisket in America, Texas should be your next vacation destination beyond doubt. Talk of more barbecue restaurants, incredible food, slow-cooked and smoked pork, it’s hard to Kansas City. Kansas City loves their BBQ, and there are more restaurants focusing on the BBQ scene here than anywhere else. KC has some amazing restaurants that serve the best of BBQ recipes, including burnt ends, which remain a local favorite. In case you are in Kansas City for work or pleasure, we recommend that you check some of these recipes and restaurants.

What to try?

You will find every other BBQ restaurant in Kansas City offering their own favorites, and yes, we are talking beyond burnt ends. Smoked & grilled pork belly is among the most popular items at most eateries, while you should definitely give a shot to brisket too. Fusion food, including sandwiches and burgers with various BBQ meats and patties are awesome too. If you still have your doubts, we recommend that you consider asking the server. Most restaurants do serve beef, chicken, and pork, and you can find lamb at selected places. Beyond spare ribs and pork belly, you can also find other options like salmon filet, which are often specialties of many KC restaurants.

Where to eat?

There are numerous options for BBQ restaurants in the city, but if you want to try one of the trendy and new outlets, Q39 is a nice pick. Q39 was launched around six years back, and their menu has all the option, right from brisket, chicken wings, pork belly to mac ‘n’ cheese. Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que is among the top options too, and they serve some of the best burnt ends in the city. Pulled pork is a great pick here and do try their smoked ribs. Slap’s BBQ is also among the better names, although comparatively new. If you still have some time left in KC, do consider exploring the menu of Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque.

Things to know

Since BBQ is best served for dinner, many restaurants are often busy at peak hours, even on weekdays. We recommend that you step in early at the best places. Many restaurants will serve BBQ at your doorstep, just like you would expect, and that experience is worth it, especially in times of pandemic.

Plan a trip to Kansas City for the BBQ food alone!

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