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Highlights of NSW: Places you Must Visit

New South Wales has much to offer the tourist and regardless of how much time you are planning to spend in this amazing state, you should do some online research and plan your holiday on a daily basis. To save you some time, we surfed the web and found some of the major attractions that should be on your list of places to visit.

  • Blue Mountains – No visit to NSW would be complete without a few days exploring the wondrous Blue Mountains; almost 100km of mountains and plateaus, the name was given because of a blue tinge that can be seen, which is thought to be caused by the many eucalypti trees found there. There are many ways to approach your time in the Blue Mountains; you could book a helicopter tour, which is the best way to really appreciate this stunning mountain range, while renting an SUV for a few days is another popular way to enjoy the region. There are both guided and self-guided hikes available if you are energetic, while those who do not wish to hike can enjoy scenic train rides.
  • Jenolan Caves – Without doubt Australia’s best cave system, you can book a guided tour and see the amazing crystal formations; the caves are accessed just outside Jenolan, in the central west part of the state. There are above ground cafes and restaurants in Oran Park when you fancy a break and don’t forget to set your camera to dark ambience when going through the caves.
  • Wollomombi Falls – Located just outside Wollomombi, in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, these are the highest falls in the country where spectacular vistas are clouded in fine mist, making the light change colour and form rainbow colours. There are some amazing picnic parks so you can prepare a hamper, bring a mat and enjoy the scenery. There’s so much more to this park that just the falls, Googe their website for more details.
  • CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope Discovery Centre – If you wonder whether we are alone in the universe, you have to add this to your schedule. This is home to one of the largest dishes, at 64m diameter, this was the very first steerable antenna in the Southern Hemisphere.

If we listed all of the major attractions in NSW, we would need a few volumes; Google can help you plan your holiday, plus you can make bookings to ensure you are not disappointed.

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